Back to School Night

On September 10th at 7:00, we will be having our annual Back to School night for Children’s Ministry at Marin Covenant Church.  The schools our kids go to have an annual night dedicated for orientation, information, and paperwork.  Many of us have been to a half dozen or so of these, but we still make space in our lives and schedule for it because our kids education is important to us.

In the same way, our children’s ministry will be having a similar evening to communicate our vision, values, and plan for the upcoming year.  We will also be highlighting some new features in our Orange curriculum that help you as parents continue to care for the spiritual lives of your kids at home.  In addition we have some paperwork and training that we need to share as well.

We will be done by 8:30, if you can not find childcare for your kids, we will provide it.  My school doesn’t even provide that!

See you there!


Junior High: End of Summer Beach Bonfire


Tuesday August 14th – 6pm to 10:30pm 

$10 (discount if you can drive)

Meet and Pick-up from Marin Cov Church

We are going to be headed to Ocean Beach in San Francisco to close out the summer in a burning flame.  Join us for some beach
fun, s’mores, and shivering (when we jump into the ocean).

RSVP to  (if you already RSVP’d to amanda that is great)


High School: Senior Road Trip

On Sunday, August 12, we are taking the graduating class of 2013 out for an amazing adventure!  The senior road trip is part of our senior confirmation program.  It is on this trip that we set the tone for the upcoming school year.

It is on this trip where we officially hand the baton of leadership to our new seniors.  They get a major say in what youth group looks like this year and are empowered to lead our ministry so that we are an inviting community, going deep in our relationship with Jesus and with each other, and putting our faith into practice here in Marin.

Please pray for us as we head out and for the impact these students will have on our entire student ministry and our church!