JOURNEYS … is designed especially for people who are spectators, looking in on the Christian faith, and wanting to know more. It examines the Christian faith through real people, amazing stories and changed lives. It looks at some foundational aspects of faith, primarily through the eyes and lives of people who have experienced its power and influence over their lives.

The purpose of Journeys is to get spectators to the point where they can make informed choices about whether Christianity is what they want to embrace. The people you’ll hear from, and those stories you’ll watch, are down to earth, and realistic about life. They don’t paint a cherubic, sugar-coated picture of life as a Christian, but they do explain the wide ranging benefits of embracing a relationship with God.

Alpha … The Alpha Course is an opportunity for anyone to explore spirituality from a Christian perspective. Relaxed, non-threatening, low-key, and fun, Alpha is a place to ask anything—no question too simple, nor too complex, nor too hostile. A place for everyone and anyone to explore the meaning of life … to meet new friends … to enjoy great food … to be part of wonderful conversations in a safe place … a place where your questions about your spiritual journey can be voiced.


Exploring faith in the 21st century, this is a blended video-based opportunity for anyone to explore spirituality from Christian perspectives. Each session includes dinner, videos, dessert and small group discussion.

A Typical Evening looks like:

6:00 pm Guests arrive for dinner

Greetings and information and “the Alpha joke.”

Journeys video experience: Rob Harley, host

Alpha video teaching: Nicky Gumbel, presenter

Dessert break

Small group discussion

8:30 pm Evening concludes


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