2014 Mexico Missions Experience: February 15-23, 2014

  An ADULT MEXICO MISSIONS TRIP to the Hogar Para Los Ninos orphanage of Foundation For His Ministry (FFHM) in Vicente Guerrero on the Baja in Mexico; scheduled for February 15-23, 2014. This is an opportunity for young adults, adults and interested staff from Hamilton School and Marin Covenant Church to experience the poverty and hope of the mission and its’ surrounding communities.

The orphanage that we will be serving is located 5 hours south of the US border; our trip into and through Mexico is a safe journey, traveling on major roads and in caravan with one another. The details regarding the 2013 Mexico Missions Application, 2013 Mexico Missions Experience Planning Schedule,2013 Fundraising Info, and Baja Mission Info Pkt-Revised FEB 2010 are hot-linked here.

The purpose of our trip is threefold: First, we will encourage those we encounter. Our presence will bolster their spirits and support their work. We will have the opportunity to visit small villages and migratory settlements providing those in poverty living there with physical help, food and a witness to the hope that we have in God. Second, we will gain a better understanding of those trapped in poverty in another culture and how our lives can be used to help them and others. Third, this journey will broaden our horizons, enriching us personally as compassion grows in own our lives.


If interested, please email or call Peter Batchelder; 415-816-7152 or peter@marincovenant.org



  1. Looks good so far!

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