Guatemala Info


June 16-22, 2013

Dear Students and Parents,

It is time to be thinking and praying about our Mission trip to Guatemala.  We will be partnering with Merge Ministries ( which will connect us a local church in Santa Apollonia, Guatemala.  (10 miles from Tecpan, Gaut)  Merge is our denomination’s short term missions department and are staffed with very knowledgeable and competent people.  They have facilitated the last couple trips we’ve done and have done an amazing job.  We will have a verity of opportunities to serve while we are there; ranging from construction, teaching English, building friendships, and playing soccer)

The Vital Info:

  • Due April 1st:
  • Depart Sunday June 16th, SFO @ 7:30 am
  • Return Saturday June 22nd, SFO @ 11:11pm
  • Total Cost $1250
    • Individual’s cost may be defrayed by:
      • sending support letters which raises funds, while building up an informed support team.
      • A giant fundraising opportunity on Sat May 18th
      • Good ol’ fashioned work and saving.
    • Cost covers training, transportation, food, housing, construction costs and supplies.
  • MANDATORY meetings Sunday April 21st, Saturday May 18th (fundraiser), and Sunday May 19th.

This is going to be an amazing trip and will be challenging, exciting, and even life changing, socially, physically, and spiritually.  We want you to be full prepared on all these levels and to begin this process we would like you to think about and answer the questions in the enclosed application in an honest and straightforward way.  There are no right answers, only honest answers.  Our hope is that you begin to prepare your heart, body, and spirit for this trip.

This Application with $250 non-refundable deposit can be turned in on or before April 1st.  We will be accepting money and applications until April 1st.  I am available for further conversation regarding this trip throughout the month.    

Any questions, please feel free to call 415-599-6179 or email me at  You will also be able to check the MCC Blog for additional information as well an electronic version of all our documents.  We are looking forward to this trip and hope that you consider joining us as we strive to put our faith into action and be a blessing in our word and deeds for the honor and glory of God!

Enjoy filling all of  this out 🙂

Benjamin Kerns

Pastor to Children and Students


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