YARD and HOUSE: Winter Launch

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YARD: Hume Winter Camp

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High School: Christmas Party

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YOUTH Winter Calendar

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Evening Timeline:   6pm to 8pm:

6:00pm: Dinner

6:45pm: Opening time

7:05pm: Elective class time

Elective Class Options:

1. Ben Kerns: A full proof plan for your kids to love Jesus and love you into adulthood.

2. Jeff Mazz: Falling back in love with Jesus.

3. Peter: Relevance: Being a “Go Ye” people in light of the Sermon on the Mount.

4. Donnna Kramer: 10 Laws of Boundaries.

5. Art Greco: Sharing Your Faith – What To Say; What Not To Say; And How To Know The Difference.

Sign up by visiting Mary Shimmin in the church lobby after service.

**JH and HS students will be eating dinner with the congregation.

At 7:00 JH students will be dismissed for youth group as normal being done by 8:30.

At 7:00 the High School students will head down to children’s ministry to help with the kids.  At 7:50 they will be dismissed to normal youth group for lesson and small group, being done by 9:00.