Student Ministry: BYF Halla Ween event

halla ween


Student Ministry: BIG Wednesday


Four or five times a year we are going to have youth group for parents of youth groupers.  On Wednesday, Oct 1, from 7-8:30 we will be doing just that.

This will be the general layout:

  • Youth Group happens just like normal for our middle and high school students
  • While the students are getting after it, parents will meet downstairs.
  • The parents will have dessert and coffee, a small mixer and then a discussion led by Ben, Matt, or a guest speaker.

For our kick off Big Wednesday, Matt and Ben are going to walk you through our student ministry program and the who, what, why, and hows we are doing what we do.  They will be talking about program, curriculum, upcoming events, and our big dreams for your kids this year.  For students to thrive spiritually they need the partnership between the home and the church, and on Wednesday we are going to strategize a little bit about that.  Hope to see you there!

The whole point of the evening is for parents to not feel so isolate and alone.  To bring refreshment and encouragement to our weary parents.  And hopefully, some of them may connect with each other and build friendship and community.  As parents connect and are encouraged their entire family system does better.