End of Year Giving


Dear friends and members of MCC:

WOW! What a year this has been! Remember what we were doing last year at this time – scrambling to get floors down in our new addition and trying to figure out how we could get from the worship center to our cars without tracking too much mud and sheet rock dust along the way? One year later it’s a far different scene. Our church is healthy, growing, and certainly making fewer messes as we move around.

Because of God’s faithfulness and your generosity, we’re also doing very well financially. Bills are paid, missionaries are supported, ministry is thriving, and giving is even ahead of where it was at this time last year. That was our prayer, our goal, and our hope. Now it’s become our reality. If we continue like this, we’ll be poised to experience a year of ministry like no other in MCC’s almost 50-year history.

WAY TO GO, CHURCH! We’re headed in a fantastic and exciting direction on all fronts.

Christmas is a time when many in our congregation like to give special, year-end gifts in addition to their regular support of our general ministry budget. We’re often asked how folks might do that and where they might direct those gifts.

If you’re not in a position to give a year-end contribution, be assured that your most important giving has already been done – that’s your regular tithes and offerings to the Lord throughout the year. And you ROCK for that faithful sacrifice. But if you’ve been extra blessed this year and want to share that blessing in a fun and creative way, perhaps a contribution toward the further enhancement of our new facilities would be something to consider. One way to do that is through the funding of some of the things we postponed during initial construction. I’ve included the approximate total costs of 7 projects the staff and Leadership team would love to tackle. Of course, you may contribute all or any part of that cost.

  1. Solve the echo in the youth room $10,000;
  2. Purchase and install signage $5,000;
  3. Upstairs coffee bar $15,000;
  4. Upstairs lobby furnishings $7,000;
  5. Lower lobby furnishings $5,000;
  6. New office carpeting $4,000;
  7. New playground equipment $3,000.

Additionally, we’d love to begin (or finish) the retirement of the approx. $450,000 debt on our new building.

If you’re interested in addressing any of these items, please note which by writing, “building enhancement” or “debt reduction” in the “memo” section of your check. Oh, and don’t forget that in order for your gift to be tax deductible for 2014, it must be either postmarked or received by December 31st.

Thanks for considering this. It’s pretty exciting to think of the possibility of celebrating our one year anniversary in our new facility by getting some of the things done that we thought we’d have to put off and/or do over time.

Have fun considering the ways you’ll bless our fellowship and further our ministries. Your generosity is astounding and HUGELY effective.


Blessed to be able to serve alongside you,

Pastors Art, Ben, Jeff and the MCC Leadership Team



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